Some smartphone manufacturers fear an unfavorable review.

Some smartphone manufacturers fear an unfavorable review.

DXOMARK is a benchmarking reference, especially for testing new cellphones. We now know why certain manufactures won't send them devices.

DXOMARK ranks smartphones in camera, selfie, audio, screen, and battery. These studies show which smartphones perform well in different areas

helping users choose the right one. Many French brands like Orange or Boulanger publish the DXOMARK ranking on smartphone data sheets.

In recent months, some manufacturers have said they won't send their devices to DXOMARK.

OnePlus first declined to send them a OnePlus 10 Pro. Xiaomi hasn't lent them a 12S Ultra recently. Frédéric Guichard weighed in.

Smartphone makers fear bad ratings

Frédéric Guichard, CEO of DXOMARK, revealed why some manufacturers won't deliver them equipment. "It's not that fewer firms use our test results, but fewer can rank first," he said.

Smartphones are struggling to dethrone the competition. Guichard says a first-place DxOMark device receives lots of attention.

If a brand doesn't think their smartphone will rank first, it won't test it.

DXOMARK buys most new smartphones even if makers don't send them all.

The OnePlus 10 Pro and Xiaomi 12S Ultra have been tested, and their scores don't enable them to brag about being more efficient.

 Xiaomi 12S Ultra "only" got 138 photo points, compared to 143 for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.