Fortnite: Herald's Burst Rifle

Fortnite: Herald's Burst Rifle

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 introduces new EvoChrome guns. The Herald's Burst Rifle is a powerful EvoChrome weapon.

You must reach a specific location to get the Burst Rifle, like many other Mythic weapons in Fortnite.

No Mythic weapon is free, and you'll face resistance when claiming one. This guide explains where to go and who to kill to get the latest EvoChrome Mythic.

How to get The Herald's Burst Rifle

The Herald's Burst Rifle is a Mythic EvoChrome weapon. Only Herald's Sanctum has the gun. This is one of the new Chapter 3 Season 4 points of interest covered in Chrome.

The Herald's Sanctum is a castle-like structure. When a voice tells you to approach the castle, you're in the right spot. Soon, chrome wolves will attack.

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After killing the wolves, enter The Herald's room. The pink and purple boss has a shield and health bar like Darth Vader in Chapter 3 Season 3.

This fight can be difficult, so at least attempting it in duos will save you time.

After killing The Herald, the boss will drop your gun. The Herald's Burst Rifle will fall, creating a Mythic path to the EvoChrome rifle. 

Fortnite EvoChrome rifles can be upgraded to Mythic rarity, but it takes a lot of damage.

You must fight The Herald in Paradise Chapter 3 Season 4 seasonal quests. The Mythic weapon is a fun bonus for the upcoming battle. Extra firepower never hurts.